Woven Βινυλικά: Loom Lock

Το LOOM+ LOCK Hybrid Carpet Flooring είναι μια συλλογή Woven Vinyl πλακιδίων χωρίς κόλλα. H ιδανική λύση Woven Vinyl!

Κύρια Χαρακτηριστικά

  • Developed for heavy commercial use. Strong and durable product.

  • Easy to install, replace and remove thanks to its distinctive interlocking system, with no damage to the existing floor.

  • Leaves no residue.

  • Ideal for raised access floors, without telegraphic effect.

  • Ideal for overnight installations without business disruption (adhesive-free solution, no tackifier needed).

  • Seamless effect. Broadloom carpet rendering.


Woven (Πλεκτό) Βινυλικό : Loom – Lock

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Εφαρμοσμένο Woven (πλεκτό) Βινυλικό Πάτωμα: Loom – Lock