Wall Acoustic Panels

Product Description
THe wooden slats are available in 4 different colors, a match to every style. Ensure yourself of an impeccable installation with our mathching end profiles. The panels are easy to install, giving you multiple options on how to have your installation done in no time.

The slats are made of 12mm black MDF-boards, which have environmental class EO. The MDF is finished with technical veneer, containing small cracks and cams, to create a beatiful and natural look. All slats are 27mm wide, with 13mm space between them.

The slats are fixed on a base a acoustic felt. This base is 9mm thick and made of recycled materials, which makes this panel not only of great esthetic, but also suntainable value.

The panels can be easily cleaned with a duster. If it’ s been a while since last cleanup, you may use a hard-wrung towel as well. Do not rub, as this may damage the surface and make sure to always try on a small piece first.

Glass, concrete, steel,… these are hard materials that make the sounds reflect and give your room bad acoustics. The best way to reduce re reverbaration* in a room, is to counterweight the hard meaterials with absorption materials, such as are wooden panels.

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