Deck – Περίφραξη & Support: PP Level

Fixed or self-levelling head, in an instant.

With the new supports for raised floors PP Level Duo by Profilpas, there is the possibility to choose between fixed and self-levelling head in an instant, directly during the installation.

A choice that can be made easily, thanks to the special converter Perfect Ring. Indeed, if you insert it between the head and the screw, the support becomes fixed. On the contrary, if there is the need to compensate the slope of a surface up to 6%, it will be sufficient not to insert the ring to obtain a self-levelling system.

In addition to simplifying the activity of installation,
PP Level Duo substitutes the double stock of supports with fixed and self-levelling head.

  • Just 5 seconds to assemble the support.
  • Height adjustment from the top through the adjustment key.
  • Adjustable supports with wide excursion of available heights, without the need to add an extension element.
  • The solid and blunt base impedes the incision of the underlying membrane subject to loads.
  • Noise-proof rubber integrated with the head.
  • A system of draining holes and canalizations impedes the stagnation
    of water in every part of the support.
  • Solid support base of 340 cm2 for a better distribution of the weight.
  • Precise adjustment of the sloping to guarantee a perfect flat surface.
  • Pre-cut 2, 3 and 4 mm tabs for an easy removal.
  • All the support is made of recyclable plastic materials.

Double joist installation system.

The aluminium joists system is the ideal solution for the installation of single-format and multi-format ceramic tiles. Thanks to this system, the installation is always precise and, at the same time, guarantees great stability and resistance.

Profilpas double joist system is composed of two joists in natural aluminium that must be fixed on a special head, thus creating a rail for the positioning of the spacer. The spacer, thanks to its removable tabs, guarantees a correct position of the tiles and creates the 4-mm joint.

To avoid the direct contact between tiles and aluminium joists, there is the possibility to attach an adhesive tape of noise-proof rubber on the entire length of the joist or just on some points. This system is suitable for the installation of ceramic and marble tiles.

  • The double joist system is not visible from the joint.
  • The double joist system avoids water stagnation and the accumulation of dust and filth.
  • Thanks to the space between the two joists, it is possibile to adjust the height of the support through the specific key

PP Level Duo with head for decking.

A special head suitable for any kind of joist for decking floors. According to the needed height, it can be used with every base of PP Level Duo range and, thanks to the converter Perfect Ring, it can be fixed or self-levelling.